Money and the Soul

We all — almost all — have some strong emotions around the subject of money. It is often exactly these emotions that prevent us from having the money that will allow us to feel satisfied and at ease.

Two days to a new attitude.

Each day’s workshop lasts 3 hours (with a short break for a snack) and comprises both individual exercises and group discussions.

The first day focuses on identifying toxic beliefs and emotional knots concerning money, where they come from, why we think we need them and how to change them. Our themes:

  • What does money mean?

  • Good people/bad people, rich people/poor people

  • Money, morality and self-image

  • You get what you give

  • The myth of deserving

On Day 2 we will look at the present reality concerning money. We will then craft a vision for the future and commit to the first 3 concrete steps towards the realization of this vision. Themes on the second day:

  • How much money do you need?

  • Dare to want what you want

  • Intention

  • What are you willing to give?

  • Trust and commitment

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Self & Determination

Originally conceived as a workshop for artists, this 8 hour, 2-part workshop has been expanded and modified to speak to everyone who wants to approach their work in a creative manner. In it, we will examine and establish an identity as a creator, and develop an understanding of the creator’s responsibility in and towards society.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will craft a “statement of mission” to accompany them through the year and the ups and downs of creating.

Part I - SELF

  • Introduction - what’s a Self?

  • How do you learn?

  • Who do you think you are?

  • Decision or destiny?

  • Why do you create?

  • Doubt, toxic

  • Doubt, productive

  • How to flip the coin


  • Past and present

  • Family stories

  • Where are you?

  • Marginalized?

  • Who do you create for?

  • The “market” illusion

  • Social responsibility

  • What can I contribute, who can I support?

  • What is my wellspring?

Statement and closing

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