Solutions are already there. I‘ll help you find your way to them.

May I introduce myself?

My name is Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters. I‘ve been a life coach since 2009 and a hypnotherapy practitioner since January 2020. I‘ve also been a professional dancer and actress, a teacher and choreographer, a business facilitator and trainer, the mother of three extraordinary daughters, and a practicing Buddhist for almost 50 years.

There are lots of ways to approach a problem. Let’s find the one that works for you.

Not just information — transformation.

Workshops and Courses

A workshop or a course should do more than give you information. It should provide inspiration and fuel a sense of optimism and enlivenment. It should also leave you with a game plan to begin putting your new-found knowledge into action. That‘s why all ninth level workshops and courses finish with a plan of action.

ninth level is in-depth coaching.

It goes below the surface of whatever problem or challenge you‘re facing, ties it in with some possible causes, and so allows you to envision a way to a lasting solution. The most exciting part of in-depth coaching, to my mind, is forging a path to knowledge that you already have and to solutions that you already know.

Stay informed.

I‘ll keep you up to date on when workshops and courses will be happening. And when I’m planning something new, you‘ll be the first to know. I‘ll also have special offers just for subscribers.

Let‘s stay in touch!

If you have a question or a suggestion (or even a complaint), please drop me a line. I‘ll hear you out and reply as soon as possible.

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